15 Sep 2005

Samoa government pays for treatment of transfer patients

2:49 pm on 15 September 2005

The Samoa government is paying for the treatment of patients transferred from the public hospital, Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital, to the MedCen Hospital in Vailima, a private facility.

The transferred patients needed emergency operations, with most being maternity cases.

MedCen's Leo'o Dr. John Adams says the Health Ministry has made arrangements with MedCen to assist in cases of emergencies and bill the government.

Government doctors began strike action last Friday demanding higher pay for entry level and long serving doctors.

Leo'o told the Samoa Observer that while MedCen has agreed to help out, the doctors do not want to go against their striking colleagues.

Patients have to be transferred from the national hospital to MedCen unless it's a matter of life and death, then the MedCen doctors will report to Tupua Tamasese Hospital to treat patients.