15 Sep 2005

American Samoa chief seeks injunction against her removal

10:12 am on 15 September 2005

A female chief in American Samoa, who's been removed from her position as county chief of Mauputasi District, is seeking a court injunction to prevent her removal.

Fanene Fetaiaiga Kava contends that one of the highest ranking chiefs of American Samoa acted to remove her because of a personal vendetta.

She states that sometime in July her compensation as county chief ceased without any explanation.

She argues that a county chief can only be removed by the governor at the request of a majority of the chiefs of the county for "misconduct, incompetence and neglect of duty."

And in the event of a vacancy she says only the governor is authorized by law to appoint a replacement.

An initial hearing is set for this Friday to hear arguments on whether the High Court has jurisdiction to hear the case.