14 Sep 2005

Relations between France and French Polynesia 'turn over new leaf'

7:30 pm on 14 September 2005

The speaker of the territorial assembly in French Polynesia says he's turned over a new leaf in relations with the French state.

Antony Geros was speaking after giving the new high commissioner to French Polynesia, Anne Boquet, a tour of the assembly building this morning.

Mr Geros told the news agency, Tahitipresse, that they held a frank dialogue of mutual respect and tolerance.

Antony Geros has known Anne Boquet since she was secretary general of Polynesia, and sees her a person of dialogue, openness and understanding, such as the Polynesians need.

Mrs Boquet says there won't always be agreement but she says that's normal.

She says she wants to avoid having a judge rule on questions on the validity of decisions taken by the territorial assembly.

Mrs Boquet says the administrative tribunal is the last resort.