14 Sep 2005

Cooks Democratic Party expects two more of its MPs to join Cabinet

4:15 pm on 14 September 2005

The Democratic Party in the Cook Islands expects its MPs will become ministers for foreign affairs and justice.

Prime minister Jim Marurai has been chairing Cabinet this morning, for the first time since sacking three ministers of the Cook Islands Party, the group which won most seats at last year's election.

The government is trying to agree on Bills to be presented to parliament next week, where it may face a vote of censure.

The Democratic Party lawyer, Charles Little, says the sackings won't affect the government's programme.

"No we don't expect that to happen at all, basically we expect it to be business as usual. This appears to be a, basically a purge by Jim Marurai, of what he sees as disruptive or unstable elements in his Cabinet."

The clerk of parliament says any possible motion of no-confidence next Tuesday, would only be made at the last minute.