14 Sep 2005

American Samoa Senate scrutinising loan to LBJ Hospital

9:13 am on 14 September 2005

The President of American Samoa's Senate,Lolo Letalu Moliga says the government should forgive old debts of the LBJ Hospital which are to be repaid with the $10 million loan from the Retirement Fund.

Lolo says the Senate is still waiting for information from the hospital to verify the debts which are to be paid with the loan proceeds.

He said Senators want to be clear which bills would be paid with the loan, to make double sure that bills which were to be repaid with the first $5 million loan are not included.

The Senate leader was was also emphatic that hospital debts to governemt agencies such as ASPA and ASTCA should be forgiven.

The House of Representatives passed its version of the $10 milllion loan bill yesterday.