13 Sep 2005

Forum agrees on joint disaster management approach

3:48 pm on 13 September 2005

The Pacific Islands Forum says police have agreed on a plan to collectively respond to natural disasters in the region.

The Forum is currently facilitating discussions at the Regional Police Commissioner's conference in Fiji on how to develop better response mechanisms.

This comes amid the controversy over the unpreparedness of US authorities to Hurricane Katrina.

The Executive Director for the Pacific Island Chiefs of Police, Cam Ronald, says they have decided to adopt a plan from Scotland.

He says a similar response plan was implemented after the tsunami disaster in Asia.

"There is no mechanism at this time for the chiefs of police to act together to support each other or to have an overall plan. We've been fortunate to have an overseas plan that was identified to us, which was in fact used in part of the tsunami response and the chiefs have decided to look at that plan and use that as the foundation for a model for the Pacific."

Cam Ronald