13 Sep 2005

American Samoa to deal with stray dogs

2:21 pm on 13 September 2005

American Samoa's Dog Control taskforce says the high number of stray dogs in public places has become such an eyesore, it had to take action.

The taskforce, made up of people from several government departments, was appointed by Governor Togiola Tulafono.

The taskforce's chairman, Peter Gurr, says the number of strays roaming in parks is impacting negatively on tourism and the environment.

He says they have warned people of the need to round up any stray dog.

"What I did is to pass out a note around the neighbourhood to tie up their animals from September 6 to 16, so that way we don't trap the animals that belong to somebody and we don't want to waste their time or our time."

Peter Gurr says owners have 48 hours to claim a stray dog, before it is put down.