12 Sep 2005

Fiji's Solicitor General says review of regulations regarding travel may be required

7:20 pm on 12 September 2005

There may be a review in Fiji of the regulations covering the travel of senior officials following the acquittal of a former minister of defrauding the state, and obtaining money by false pretences.

The Solicitor General, Nainendra Nand, says they may need to examine the existing rules and reulgations relating to public servants' current entitlements if there's no appeal over George Shiu Raj's acquittal.

Mr Raj had been charged after cashing in his business class travel to India, flying economy class, and pocketing the difference.

The Labour party also says it would like to see the rules and regulations tightened up.

Senator Anand Singh says Mr Raj got off on a technicality and things need to change.

"As a party, we are always advocating the rule of law. And, we always say that the courts decision ought to be accepted. So, from that perspective, we will accept whatever the final decision is of the court. But, we are very unhappy with what has happened and we feel that there ought to be corrective measures put in place immediately."

Anand Singh says any loopholes need to tightened up as the case provides a bad example to public servants.

A spokesperson for the Director of Public Prosecutions says a decision will be made on whether to appeal the ruling, once a written version of it is available.