12 Sep 2005

Tonga Education director looks forward despite criticism during recent strike

7:19 pm on 12 September 2005

Tonga's director of Education, Viliame Takau, says he's confident in his position, following the public servant strike.

Normal classes have resumed at Tonga's government schools following the end of more than six weeks of strike action which involved a number of both teachers and students.

The director says his key concern now is helping students catch up with what they have missed during the strike, particuarly those preparing for school certificate exams.

And despite criticism of his methods of dealing with striking teachers and calls from the strikers for him to be sacked, Mr Takau says he still hasn't received any official complaint.

"As far as I'm concerned, in the ministry's record, there hasn't been any single complaint frmo any teacher with regard to work prior to the strike. So whatever complaint they may have put forwrad during the strike period, I haven't seen any, although I've heard a lot of stories."

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Tonga's director of Education, Viliame Takau.