8 Sep 2005

New forum aims to bridge gap between Jakarta and Papua

6:38 pm on 8 September 2005

A new forum set up this week in Indonesia hopes to increase public participation in efforts to resolve problems in Papua province.

The only Papuan member of the forum, Father Budi Hernawan, says the aim of the Forum is to bridge the gap between Papua and Jakarta in implementing special autonomy and dealing with conflicts in the province.

Father Hernawan says the Forum will also aim to help the Indonesian public understand the issues in Papua better by providing in-depth information.

Raising awareness of ongoing injustice in the province is a central concern of the Forum.

"We see the ongoing conflict here, and violations of human rights here, particularly the right to life, as the fundamental issue here. So that's our stance. With this consideration, the government should reconisder the deployment of more troops to West Papua."

Father Budi Hernawan