8 Sep 2005

American Samoa Governor vetoes Senate changes to compensation bill

4:13 pm on 8 September 2005

Changes made by the American Samoa Senate to an administration bill setting the compensation and tenure of a commission to study future political options for the territory have been vetoed by Governor Togiola Tulafono .

As submitted by the Governor, the bill would have disqualified elected officials and government employees who will staff the commission, from receiving a 75 US dollar per day stipend.

The Senate did not support this and changed the bill so that all members and staff of the commission would receive the stipend.

Another amendment made by the Senate was to set September the 30th as the deadline for the commission to complete its work and submit its report.

Togiola has informed Fono leaders that it was the administration's intent to compensate commission members by other means available to the government.

This would leave more funds for the commission to do its work.