8 Sep 2005

US asks Guam to identify houses for Hurricane Katrina evacuees

1:32 pm on 8 September 2005

US federal officials have asked the Guam Housing Authority to identify housing in the territory that could be used to house people evacuated from areas hit by Hurricane Katrina.

KU-AM television news reports Guam officials as saying they could realistically house more than 200 families left homeless after the storm hit the southern United States.

It's thought to be unlikely that many families will decide to settle in Guam, but territorial officials hope it may bring some former island residents back home.

The acting director of the Guam Housing Authority, Benny Pinaula, says the agency has a waiting list with local residents needing housing, but he says at times of natural disasters the priorities change.

Help for the thousands of victims of hurricane Katrina has now come from one of the world's most remote places - Pitcairn Island.

The Pitcairn Islands Study Centre reports an unnamed girl on Pitcairn has gone throughout the island, soliciting funds for hurricane victims.

Her collected total so far is 57 US dollars.