7 Sep 2005

Strike inevitable, say Samoa health workers

1:27 pm on 7 September 2005

Samoa's medical association say strike action is inevitable given the government won't move to meet its pay demands.

The association wants new doctors entering the service to have a starting salary of roughly 11-thousand US dollars.

The association's president, Dr Viali Lameko, says they won't have any further meetings with the government and will hold a strike meeting at noon on Friday local time.

Dr Lameko says they've run out of patience with the Public Service Commission.

"And now they're pushing us to have this meeting and this meeting, but we have given them all the chances in the past two years, to have a meeting, and things like that, and always try to delay meetings and to cancel meetings, and our position is that we've had enough of those, and we're not little kids, to be pushed around like that."

Dr Lameko says over the last two years the government has suggested it may accommodate the payrise demands, but it's not been willing to meet the association until after it gave notice of a strike.