6 Sep 2005

Call for Cook Islands cabinet to reverse its position on attempted dismissal

3:44 pm on 6 September 2005

There's a call for the Cook Islands cabinet to reverse its position on its attempted dismissal of the Mangaia island secretary.

The Public Service Commissioner, Joseph Caffery, says he stands by his opinion that the cabinet decision to sack the secretary, Tuaine Tuara, is illegal because she has not violated her employment contract.

Mr Caffery is considering whether he will resign over the cabinet directive to sack Ms Tuara and says it's political interference.

The commissioner says he's informed the cabinet that he believes its position is unlawful and this is now being backed up by the Crown Law office.

"In that opinion, they are asking the cabinet to reconsider its position with a view to perhaps suspending its decision and not to proceed with the dismissal, at this stage, of the island secretary."

Mr Caffery says he's now waiting to see what the cabinet does before making a decision on whether to remain as the Public Service Commissioner.