6 Sep 2005

Fiji Commerce Commission orders price cuts in telecommunications services

10:21 am on 6 September 2005

Fiji's Commerce Commission has ordered that new reduced charges for most telecommunications services should come into effect from the 6th of October.

It has reduced charges for international calls, long distance calls within Fiji, mobile telephone and internet charges.

International call charges will go down by 47%, long distance calls by 50%, mobile call charges by up to 70% and dial up Internet charges by 26%.

But line rentals will go up sharply both for residential connections and small and large businesses.

Charges imposed by the companies on one another for telecommunications services from one network to another have also been reduced.

The Commerce Commission chairman, Thomas Raju, says they have tried to take into account the state of the economy and the interest of the consumers as well as the income of the monopoly telecommunications companies.

Telecom Fiji says it will not contest the new price structure.