5 Sep 2005

PNG police investigating violent attack in Port Moresby

4:12 pm on 5 September 2005

Enquiries are continuing into a violent attack in a settlement in Papua New Guinea's capital, Port Moresby.

A group of men believed to be from Enga and Southern Highlands allegedly attacked Goilala settlers and set fire to six houses.

Central Police Commander, Tony Wagambie, says the attack is understood to have been carried out in retaliation for the burglary of a store.

He says four men from the Tete Settlement have been hospitalised with serious axe and knife wounds.

A similar attack in June 2003 resulted in houses and properties destroyed and six Goilala men died from their wounds.

Mr Wagambie says he doesn't think the incidents are related, but more proof that for people in PNG ethnic groupings provide their own security.

"Then if somebody from another group does anything to us, you go and get your relatives, or your clansmen, your tribe, and they gang up and get payback sort of thing. So it's happening every time all over the place. It's not unusual. It'll probably take another hundred years before we change these bloody things."

Central Police Commander, Tony Wagambie