5 Sep 2005

Solomon Islands Planning Minister keen for more government control of reform programme

4:14 pm on 5 September 2005

The Solomon Islands Minister for National Planning and Aid Co-ordination says his government should have more control in implementing the reform programme being assisted by Australia.

Fred Fono led the Solomons delegation at bilateral talks with Canberra on Friday, the first High Level Aid Consultations between the two countries since 1999, with both sides re-affirming Australia's development assistance programme.

Australia emphasised the need for political will on the part of the Solomons Government to carry out the reforms required, and for clearer prioritisation of development goals.

But Mr Fono says the cabinet is not being kept informed of the strategies at the forefront of the reform programme


Even with the community support programme at the moment, they are doing it in isolation from any government input or government co-ordination. I would have wanted one of my staff to be in the management process of the community support programme so that they look at approving projects for rural communities in line with constituency plans and provincial government plans.

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Minister for National Planning and Aid Co-ordination, Fred Fono