2 Sep 2005

Review questions performance of Fiji government's chief executives

10:16 am on 2 September 2005

The performance of a majority of the Fiji government's chief executive officers has been found to be just average or below average.

The first ever evaluation of the country's highest paid civil servants was carried out by the Public Service Commission.

It found that 13 out of the 20 chief executive officers had performance levels rated as just average or below average.

Only five chief executives were rated competent while 2 were found to have excellent performance qualifying them for a 5% bonus on their 60-thousand US dollar basic salaries.

The Public Service Commission Chairman, Stuart Hugget, says not one of the 20 chief executives evaluated was rated as having outstanding performance.

The general secretary of the Fiji Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, says the results show the recruitment process was NOT satisfactory.