1 Sep 2005

American Samoa Senate concerned about mis-use of "All Others"budget allocations

10:25 am on 1 September 2005

Even before the start of the budget hearings, American Samoa senators are openly criticizing the 2006 budget for trying to camouflage spending.

Senator Ma'o Tima says the "All Others" allocation in department budgets have become play money for department directors.

He says if directors do not give satisfactory justifications for costs under the "All

others" category, their requests should be rejected.

But he did not leave the Fono out of the equation.

Ma'o says the Fono's "All Others" budget allocation should also be scrutinised and the legislature should set a good example for other branches of the government to follow.

Committee chairman Liufau Sonoma and Senator Tuaolo Fruean were adamant that no department whose director has not been confirmed by the Fono can appear at the budget hearings.