31 Aug 2005

Fiji Church organising mass march against homosexual sex

8:24 pm on 31 August 2005

Fiji's Methodist Church is organising the biggest mass march ever held in the country to pressure the government to criminalise homosexual and lesbian sex both in public and private.

Radio Legend says the church is discussing the matter at its annual general meeting currently under way in Nadi, following a High Court judgement which ruled that consensual gay sex in private was not criminal.

The assistant general secretary of the church, the Rev Tuikilakila Waqairatu, says they have to oppose the practice strongly to ensure that the children of the country are not misled.

He says homosexuality is condemned by all the Christian churches because it is against the scriptures.

But the co-ordinator for the NGO Women's Action for Change (WAC), Noelene Nabulivou, says if minorities are attacked for religious principles, Fiji would be close to a fundamentalist state.

She says this would have implications for everyone who believes in democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Ms Nabulivou says the measure of a country is how it treats its diversity.