31 Aug 2005

Bougainville Administration completes first stage of move to Arawa

4:01 pm on 31 August 2005

The administration in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville now has part of its operation sited in the old province capital of Arawa.

The new Autonomous Bougainville Government has already indicated that its long term aim is to formally re-establish Arawa as the capital.

Initially though, just the deputy administrator Andrew Pisi, is to be based there.

He will look after the central and southern regions, while the administrator, Peter Tsiamalili, will monitor the northern region from Buka.

Mr Pisi says there are further plans to build a wharf, courtrooms and reopen the airport in Aropa.

"The milestone is the establishment of the office of the deputy administrator. That is a significant thing so far and we have been able to facilitate some other things, so we are just settling in."

Andrew Pisi, says the reopening the airport is on track, with Aropa landowners agreeing in principle.