31 Aug 2005

Solomon Islanders to be encouraged to develop greater national pride

3:25 pm on 31 August 2005

Developing national pride will be a key aspect of a Civics Education Programme being launched tomorrow in Solomon Islands.

The programme, which will run for about six weeks, is aimed at building nationhood and promoting democracy and good governance.

It will be followed by a voter awareness programme.

They are being delivered as part of the Regional Assistance Mission's programme and will involve more than 200 people working in 39 teams around the country.

The Co-ordinator, Daniela Capaccio, says they will use elements such as the national flag and anthem to build more national awareness.

"And just trying to get the communities to think about how they define themselves, first as a community but then link it back, first of all to their province and then the nation of Solomon Islands."