31 Aug 2005

Tonga official says garbage still being collected despite lengthy strike by some staff

2:19 pm on 31 August 2005

Tonga's Director of works says they have had no disruptions to services because of striking public servants.

Sione Taumoepeau says 40 per cent of his workers have striking for pay rises of up to 80 percent.

It was reported that the main rubbish dump in the capital, Nuku'alofa was overflowing onto the seafront roads because of rubbish collectors were on strike.

But Mr Taumoepeau disputes this and he says they are continuing to provide services 41 days into the strike.

"From our side we don't have any problems even though we have staff out on strike, we still have people working as also, we have had to outsource some of the other work."

Sione Taumoepeau, the Director of Works in Tonga.