30 Aug 2005

Australian police man in Solomon Islands denies threatening a local man during murder investigaton

8:28 pm on 30 August 2005

An Australian police officer has denied threatening Solomon Islander, John Makasi, with a pistol when taking him in for questioning over the murder of an Australian peacekeeper.

Paul Harrison, an officer with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, also rejected accusations he kicked Mr Makasi off a chair during the interrogation.

In the Honiara High Court, Mr Makasi is suing RAMSI's Participating Police Force commander, Australian Will Jamieson, and the Solomons government, for damages over his alleged rough treatment last December.

He has told the court he was humiliated when forced to urinate in front of Australian police officers.

Mr Makasi was picked up for questioning following the murder of Adam Dunning, an Australian protective services officer, in the Solomons capital on December 22.

Two former Malaita Eagle Force militants, John Hen Ome and James Tatau, were later arrested and charged over the murder and are now in jail awaiting trial.