30 Aug 2005

Public service doctors in Samoa to strike over broken promises

3:24 pm on 30 August 2005

Doctors in Samoa say they are planning to strike again as a result of government inaction over their salary demands.

The Samoa Medical Association says they've given the government until September 9th to come up with a favourable response or they'll stop work.

The Association's Dr Viali Lameko says doctors in the public service are dissatisfied with the Health Ministry's inaction following a strike last April and feel the government is not taking them seriously.

Doctors are asking for a base salary of 11-thousand US dollars and have rejected a 40 percent plus pay increase over three years, awarded as part of a general public service pay increase.

Dr Lameko says they feel they're being forced to strike again. .

"They promised us there will be something bigger for doctors working in the public service, that will come in July, that is why we called it off, the strike. But then eventually comes July and we are expecting to get what we proposed, but then on 20 July nothing appears."

Dr Lameko says the government is also cutting doctors after hours allowances.