29 Aug 2005

Conference in Solomon Islands aimed at getting women into Parliament

8:31 pm on 29 August 2005

Getting women into parliament in Solomon Islands is the main priority at this week's Womens Leadership Project Conference in Honiara.

More than 50 women and their campaign managers are attending the first conference, which follows an appeal for aspiring women politicians to come forward.

A spokesperson, Josephine Teakeni, says the two week training course will show the women what it takes to organise and run a successful political campaign.

"We will be looking at barriers and governance, also manifestos, campaign strategies, election strategies, promotion and the media, the elctoral commission, the eletoral act - those areas that everyone should know to prepare for their campaign."

Josephine Teakeni says a number of successful female role models from Solomon Island are attending the course.

There has only ever been one female MP in Solomon Islands.