29 Aug 2005

New Zealand NGOs aim to make international aid an issue in New Zealand's general election

7:35 pm on 29 August 2005

Aid and development agencies in New Zealand have joined forces to try and put international aid on the political agenda for New Zealand national elections in less that 3 weeks.

They have launched an advertising campaign asking voters to consider each party's position on aid.

The NGOs want political parties to point out what they will do to increase aid levels to reach the internationally agreed target of point seven of one percent of national income in foreign aid by 2015.

The Council for International Development's Executive Director, Rae Julian, says that unless the next government commits to this target it is unlikely New Zealand will be able to keep to promises past governments have made.

She says it is an important issue because New Zealanders see themselves as fair and generous but the reality is the country is not pulling its weight when it comes to giving aid to poor countries.