29 Aug 2005

Nauruans need to realise extent of debt problem, says Forum

10:17 am on 29 August 2005

A senior Samoan Government planning official being sent to Nauru this week by the Pacific Islands Forum says Nauruans need help to realise their country's grim financial state.

The once second richest country in the world has been struggling financially for several years..

Last year its debt problems forced Nauru to make a formal request for help from the Forum under the crisis situation rules of the Biketawa Declaration.

The Forum has had a official helping out the government since last year and this week it will send another - the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Samoa's Ministry of Finance, Iulai Lavea.

Mr Lavea will help set up a framework for national planning and put in place a national sustainable development strategy.

He says a key need is to create an attitude change among Nauruans.

"The Nauruans being rich previously and now they find they don't have anything, so we need to manage that attitude, as well and try and design a commmunication strategy in order to let them understand that the ball game has changed and they need to change their attitude on how they live."