27 Aug 2005

Fiji senator claims coup planners still at large

7:31 am on 27 August 2005

A senator appointed by Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs and multi-millionaire businessman, Jim Ah Koy, says George Speight has taken the blame and is in prison to protect the cowards who planned the coup.

Senator Ah Koy has told the Upper House his family was threatened, victimised and humiliated after the coup because he was blamed for it.

He said this was because Speight was brought up in his house and was like a son to him.

Senator Ah Koy said his family were victims of the cowardly, treasonous acts of those who planned the coup in the boardroom of Fijian Holdings Limited and who are still walking free.

He said Speight is wasting his life in prison because he was used as a pawn by those behind the overthrow of the government.

Senator Ah Koy supported the military commander, Commodore Bainimarama's stand on the Reconciliation and Unity Bill, saying it was designed to save the necks of those who plotted and machinated the coup.

He said they should be investigated and charged with high treason.