26 Aug 2005

Japan Airlines moves closer to Marshalls charter service

1:18 pm on 26 August 2005

A Japan Airlines plan to launch its first charter service to the Marshall Islands beginning early next year, has moved a step closer.

A six-member Japanese logistics support team has spent 36 hours in the capital, Majuro, to review logistics needed to support the launching of direct charter flights to Japan.

The airline holds two main concerns, firstly the ability of the runway to handle the larger and heavier Boeing 767


The second is the airport terminal building's ability to support up to 200 visitors per flight, which the airlines anticipate will fly to Majuro for holiday visits.

Officials say the federally funded repaving of the runway is about to start.

The Majuro airport manager Art Coburn says the Airport Authority will buy new equipment, such as container

off-loading equipment and moveable stairways, to service the Boeing 767s planned for the route.

The Marshall Islands sees fewer than 8,000 visitors annually, with only a fraction of those arriving actually tourists.