26 Aug 2005

Fiji's Rabuka says many in chiefs' council were behind Speight

9:17 am on 26 August 2005

The chairman of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs in 2000, Sitiveni Rabuka, says many of its members were fully behind George Speight's coup.

Mr Rabuka has told Radio Legend he agrees with the military commander's statement that the endorsement of the Reconciliation and Unity Bill by the Great Council of Chiefs comes as no surprise.

This was because many of its members wanted Speight to go ahead with the takeover of parliament.

Mr Rabuka says things worsened when the Great Council of Chiefs' committee, appointed to resolve the issue, also took Speight's side.

Mr Rabuka, who's the only life member of the Great Council of Chiefs, says the chiefly body shouldn't have endorsed the Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

He says it was unfortunate that Chiefs Council didn't take the stand they did in 2000, which was to let the law take its course.