25 Aug 2005

Forum head meets French Polynesian leaders

4:16 pm on 25 August 2005

The speaker of the French Polynesian assembly, Anthony Geros, has met the secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum, in Tahiti.

Greg Urwin is accompanied by the Samoan minister of public works and transport, Faumuina Liuga and the Forum director of political affairs, Andie Fong Toy.

The French Polynesian speaker talked about how the political institutions of the terrritory evolved, and how it reached observership status within the regional grouping.

The Forum delegation is examining the possibility of creating a new associate membership category, and whether French Polynesia would fit that membership.

This year, the French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, said he wanted full membership, reversing his stance taken two years ago.

Then he opposed the call by the French president for French Polynesia and New Caledonia to be admitted as full Forum members.