24 Aug 2005

Fiji auditor general stands by his report into corruption

9:47 am on 24 August 2005

Fiji's auditor general is standing by his 2004 report which highlights corruption, abuse and mismanagement of funds amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

Radio Legend reports that Eroni Vatuleka's defence came after government criticism.

The minister for works, Colonel Savenaca Draunidalo, said the auditor general himself should be investigated because he writes whatever he likes and paints a bad picture of the government.

And the ministry of home affairs said a report of corruption being rife in the Immigration Department was a blatant lie, with the ministry chief executive, Lesi Korovavala, adding that positive aspects should be highlighted.

But Mr Vatuleka says there are no blunders in his report and he stands by it.

Mr Vatuleka says meetings are held with chief executives and senior officials to discuss audit issues, during which, those aspects which are clarified, are deleted.

But, he says, those issues which are very serious or those on which there are differing views are finalised for reporting to parliament after the final comments of chief executives.

Mr Vatuleka says his office doesn't make the rules and regulations, but follows those made by the government itself.