24 Aug 2005

PNG energy workers say landowners supporting their campaign

10:19 am on 24 August 2005

The Papua New Guinea Energy Workers Association says angry landowners are helping their grievance against the government.

Eighty per cent of electricity workers at PNG Power have threatened to cut power supply by walking of the job, because of management decisions to hire expatriates ahead of locals at the government owned corporation.

Landowners have threatened to cuts supplies to Port Moresby because of non payment of rent covering the sites for the city's hydro-electric power stations.

The Association's Philip Kaira says although the Industrial registrar has ordered mediated talks to avert strike action, he says the landowners action is adding pressure on the Government to act.

"The landowners will be shutting the power stations down because the government has not honoured that agreement cos they agreed to an amount of money that they have failed to deliver. So its more or less adding to our way, if the landowners take over the power plants than so be it too, as we also will try to shut down the distribution system."