24 Aug 2005

Fiji auditor uncovers wild parties at president's home

10:25 am on 24 August 2005

Fiji's auditor general has cited serious breaches in the President's Office, saying a senior officer robbed the president, had wild parties and almost burnt down part of the highest office in the land.

But the auditor general's report says although the officer admitted the offences, he was not reported to the public service commission as required by law.

The report says the president's senior steward was guilty of misconduct by drinking alcohol and making excessive noise with three women in the early hours of June 19th last year.

As well, he admitted stealing money and liquor from the president's residences and in 2003 went to sleep after lighting a fire which almost destroyed a two-storey building.

The auditor general's report says the First Lady, Adi Kavu Iloilo, incurred a telephone charge of US$12,000 which was 23 per cent of the entire telecommunications bill of the President's Office.

But a senior secretary at the Office, Rupeni Nacewa, has told the Fiji Times the issues shouldn't have been highlighted as they were internal matters.

Mr Nacewa said there are other more serious cases of fraud and abuse of office occurring in the public service which should have been highlighted.