24 Aug 2005

Ex-departmental boss in Fiji faces sack for corruption

10:15 am on 24 August 2005

The former chief executive of Fiji's transport and civil aviation ministries, Vuetasau Buatoka, is expected to be charged with abuse of office which could lead to his sacking.

Radio Legend says the chief executive of the public service commission, Anare Jale, has confirmed that the charges will be laid as soon as they are finalised.

Mr Jale says Mr Buatoka has been implicated in the fisheries ministries scam where he was chief executive previously.

He was transferred to his current job after the scam came to light.

It's alleged that Mr Buatoka approved fisheries licences without following proper procedures for financial gain.

So far three senior officials of the fisheries ministry have been charged and disciplined for their involvement in the sale of fishing licences in return for cash from Asian fishing companies.