18 Aug 2005

Investigations into Guadalcanal killing remain priority in Solomon Islands

2:50 pm on 18 August 2005

A Solomon Islands MP says an investigation into who sent ten mercenaries to kill a Guadalcanal rebel leader two years ago remains a priority.

Joses Tuhanuku, who was involved in an earlier parliamentary select committee inquiry into the matter, says there was insufficient evidence as to who the ringleader and financier was.

The former Guadalcanal militant Harold Keke had accused the Prime Minister of being involved, but Sir Allan Kemakeza vowed that it wasn't him who sent the ten men.

Mr Tuhanuku says whoever it was, they were able to afford to pay each man over 4,000 US dollars for the mission.

"It's a concern to everybody in the country. I mean who might have sent these people? That would be conspiracy and there would be a lot of implications. So its a concern for everyone, and weare just hoping the police will be able to uncover but I am expecting it to be quite a difficult investigation."

Joses Tuhanuku says investigations are continuing.