17 Aug 2005

French Polynesia's GIP called to help its own ship

1:39 pm on 17 August 2005

French Polynesia's Intervention Group, the GIP, has been called to the aid of one of its own ships, which lost power.

The Tahitipresse news agency reports the Tahiti Nui Two has had to tow the Tahiti Nui Four, after the vessel was hit by engine damage off Tahaa in the Leeward Group of the Society Islands.

The GIP contacted the rescue centre in Papeete yesterday, to report engine problems 24 kilometres from Bora Bora.

Thirty-four people were on board, 11 of whom were crew.

The others were mainly children heading back for the start of the new school term in Tahiti.

The other GIP ship,Tahiti Nui Two, was on the scene yesterday morning, to begin towing the stricken ship towards Tahiti.

Officials say the convoy is expected to arrive in Tahiti today , adding the children shouldn't be late for school.