16 Aug 2005

Calls for more job opportunities in Solomon Islands to curb prostitution

4:38 pm on 16 August 2005

The government, churches and NGO's in Solomon Islands have been urged to focus on finding solutions to the country's growing sex industry.

The National Council of Women says there are reports that more and more girls are frequenting foreign fishing vessels for sex.

Save the Children says the young women are also being drawn into prostitution at logging camps.

Save the Children's country programme director, Ian Rodger, says all the sectors involved need to work together to provide solutions:

"The largest area that isn't being addressed that needs to be addressed, which is going to have the most significant impact on this, is opportunities for income. Most of the population, and particularly the young people in Solomon Islands, do not have an opportunity for income generating and if they do, the income generating opportunities are very, very small."

Ian Rodger says prostitution involving foreign workers such as those involved in the fishing or logging industries also leave the Solomons vulnerable to an increase in HIV/Aids.