16 Aug 2005

Vanuatu government expected to increase minimum wage

8:32 am on 16 August 2005

The launch of the new proposed minimum monthly wages in Vanuatu will take place this week.

The chairman of the three-month-old minimum wages board, Maki Simelum, says the proposed wages will be between US$185 and US$230.

Mr Simelum made the revelation to the Daily Post following a letter of concern sent last week by the government indicating that it was more than half way through the year and it was yet to receive any draft guidelines on the issue of minimum wages.

Mr Simelum says the process in determining the minimum wages at this review has taken three months for the following reasons: absence of a framework to use in determining the increase in the minimum wage; lack of data on recent labour market in Vanuatu.

The board says it will make the proposal known to the public soon.

The current minimum wage is US$148 a month.