13 Aug 2005

PNG's Bougainville claims share of produce revenue

8:18 am on 13 August 2005

The Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville believes export taxes on its copra and cocoa, should be paid to it, not East New Britain.

The province provides just two percent of the money it needs, but it is aiming to be more self reliant, and President, Joseph Kabui, says this starts with improving the tax take.

The province has bought a vehicle to assist the Internal Revenue Commission's tax collection and Mr Kabui says this should triple the tax take in six months.

He thinks in five years the province will be meeting half its expenditure needs and to help it meet this goal it wants the excise revenue now being paid to East New Britain for the Bougainville copra and cocoa shipped out of Rabaul.

"That Bougainville cocoa or copra by being shipped out of Rabaul is automatically labelled as Rabaul cocoa or copra and therefore whatever earnings goes back to Rabaul and Bougainville misses out - this is the sort of thing they are trying to sort out."