12 Aug 2005

American Samoa Rainmaker hotel ownership reviewed

2:01 pm on 12 August 2005

Reports from American Samoa say the Governor Togiola Tulafono is expected to return the government owned Rainmaker Hotel to its 1,300 original minority shareholders.

The Samoa News said a meeting is scheduled with the hotel shareholders sometime this month to discuss the viability of the governor's decision.

The newspaper quoted unnamed sources saying that at least two shareholders and the hotel's former general manager, Tony Brown, met the governor several times to discuss the private shareholder's appeal to return the hotel to them.

The meetings reportedly went well and the Governor was reported as open to the idea of giving back the hotel to the private shareholders.

The governor's office is expected to issue an official statement soon about the hotel.

Last year, the minority shareholders re-organized to take legal action regarding the ownership of the facility.