11 Aug 2005

USTKE says its campaign to teach Kanak languages to school children has paid off

1:44 pm on 11 August 2005

The Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers says its 25-year campaign to get Kanak languages taught in New Caledonia's schools has finally paid off.

The government has announced that the primary school curriculum will include kanak languages from as early as february.

It's now waiting on the territorial congress to approve a series of new school books which have taken 200 experts three years to prepare.

The territory's 35,000 primary school pupils have until now had the same curriculum and books as children in France.

The executive member of USTKE, Pierre Chauvat, says their next task will be to train up teachers.

"At the moment there's not enough to teach for everybody, for every schoolboy, but I think that's a problem that will be resolved in a few years time."

The executive member of USTKE, Pierre Chauvat.