10 Aug 2005

Cook Islands party general-secretary calls for fresh elections

7:15 pm on 10 August 2005

There are calls for fresh elections to be held in the Cook Islands after the dumping of the deputy prime minister and the forming of a new government of national unity.

The general-secretary of the Cook Islands party, Temu Okotai, says the CIP is now discussing what action it should take after its leader, Sir Geoffrey Henry, was ousted as deputy prime minister.

And, he says a decision will also be made on whether three CIP ministers should remain in the new government.

Mr Okotai says there have been too many changes in government over the last six years which is due to what he calls the tail wagging the dog.

"The small core of politicians who have manipulated the politics of the country for the last six years. I'm referring to Cook Islands First. I think the biggest number they've ever had in their grouping was about four members of parliament but they unfortunately was always in the position to hold the balance of power."

Mr Okotai says it's his personal opinion that there should be new elections but he will suggest that option to the caucus tomorrow.