10 Aug 2005

Hawaii law officers break up methamphetamine drug rings

10:29 am on 10 August 2005

Law enforcement authorities in Hawaii say they have broken up four drug rings that supplied 40 percent of the crystal methamphetamine consumed on the Big Island

The groups are believed to have smuggled ninety kilos of crystal methamphetamine to Hawaii over the past three years.

Over the past three months authorities have arrested and indicted 19 dealers including 13 residents of the Big Island and three others who live in California.

Officials say the biggest alleged drug dealer, Audwin Aiwohi, used his 50-acre cattle ranch in Glenwood in the Big Island as a base and front for his dealings.

He is alleged to have shipped rodeo cattle to the mainland and then concealed methamphetamine in the empty cattle containers when they returned to the Big Island.