9 Aug 2005

Rapa Nui autonomy group opposes Chile's new laws for the island

7:06 pm on 9 August 2005

The people of Rapa Nui or Easter Island who are pushing for greater self rule say plans are being drawn up in Chile without proper local consultation.

The Chilean government is considering new laws which aim to help preserve the indigenous culture by limiting migration and will also include provisions for greater local involvement in the administration of the island.

But local representative, Erity Teave, says a group from a locally appointed parliament will travel to the Chilean capital to lobby against the new law.

She says the indigenous population wants to have much more say over the running of the island:

"Greater autonomy, that will be great. We can continue and work for the better, for the goodness of the island for the well being of the people. But if it dosen't work I suppose the next generation will aim for independence."

Erity Teave who is fighting for greater autonomy for the Chilean island of Rapa Nui