4 Aug 2005

Port Moresby Police Commander keeps mobile squad on campus

9:08 pm on 4 August 2005

The Port Moresby police commander in Papua New Guinea says the conflict-ravaged University of PNG campus is quiet now, but he'll keep some police stationned there for several more days yet.

And Assistant Commissioner Tony Wagambie is welcoming an independent review that will include the conduct of police in the just-ended clash between students and university managers.

The weeks-long clash was brought to an end last Friday when the Government intervened to install caretaker management at the university and provide for a review into students' allegations.

Mr Wagambie says campus life is back to normal.

"'The situation is very very calm and it's normalised and students have gone back to classes since Monday, and the situation is like nothing has happened."

Assistant Commissioner Wagambie says he's reduced the police squad there, and may remove it after the weekend.

And he says he has put aside plans to evict students who've failed to attain the correct grade.

Mr Wagambie says police are to begin reconciliation meetings with students, in a meeting with university chaplains scheduled for Monday.