4 Aug 2005

Concerns raised over the lack of care for historic sites in Samoa

9:09 pm on 4 August 2005

A New Zealand-based advisor of Samoa Tourism says many historical sites on Samoa are not being properly looked after.

The former MP, Leiataua Vaiao Alailima, is opposed to the communications company, SamoaTel, building a tower over a starmound site on Manono island.

SamoaTel says consultations with landowners hadn't revealed that the site was of any historical significance.

The advisor, Fasitau Ula, says while he believes the starmound which dates back to the 16th century is sacred ground, many locals may disagree.

"It's overgrown at the moment. Not many people are paying attention to clear the place, because there are very few people who visit that area too, because it is right on top of the mountain."

An advisor for Samoa Tourism in New Zealand, Fasitau Ula.