3 Aug 2005

Several Fiji churches opposed to government's reconciliation bill

10:26 am on 3 August 2005

Fiji's Catholic Church, which has 60-thousand followers, says it is totally against the government's Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

Radio Legend quotes the church's Vicar General, Father Ben Kaloudau, as saying the church firmly believes that the Bill is not based on Christian principles.

Father Kaloudau says the Catholic Church believes that the justice should be followed and all perpetrators of the May 2000 coup should be held accountable for their actions.

The Assemblies of God Church says it will only support the Bill if it is in line with the Constitution.

The church president, the Rev Pita Dili, says if the Amnesty clause of the Bill is unconstitutional, then they cannot support the Bill.

Another report says the Jesus Christ Apostolic Church of Fiji has described the Bill as a very un-Christian document.

Its general secretary, the Rev Esala Tuibua, says the stand taken by the 99% indigenous military (in opposing the Bill) is the only stand of a real Christian and stands up to their code of ethics.