2 Aug 2005

Guam governor misses UN self-determination meeting

3:21 pm on 2 August 2005

Reports from Guam suggest the governor missed a United Nations meeting on decolonisation in favour of a trip to Philadelphia.

The UN lists Guam as a non-self governing territory because its people haven't voted either for or against its status as part of the United States.

The Pacific Daily News reports that the governor, Felix Camacho, wrote to the UN, saying he couldn't attend its seminar in May because of pressing issues facing the island.

At the time of the meeting Mr Camacho was with his wife in Philadelphia to meet representatives of shipping businesses.

The governor's spokeswoman, Erica Perez, said Guam's self-determination was an absolute priority for the administration.

Ms Perez was unable to answer why no one else in the administration was sent, but noted that members of the administration had been sent in years past.